About PODs

A POD, standing for Point-Of-Display, is simply an advertising screen with a central processing unit. Wali PODs are capable of displaying quality video and picture advertisement in stunning 1080p format. Designed for simplicity, they have no moving parts, are completely quite, and self updating. Wali Digital, Inc. monitors each POD to help guarantee everything is working correctly.


Wali Digital's POD products have been designed with power consumption in mind. The central processing unit consumes only 7.5 watts of power, reducing cost associated with running a POD. Lets say your average electric cost per kWh is $0.12. At that rate, Wali Digital's processing units consume roughly $0.02 a day in electricity, or $7.30 per year. Some other companies use processing units that consume $1.01 a day, or $368.65 a year. That means Wali Digital's central processing units can save you over $361.35 on your electric bill a year over other solutions.



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