What does Wali Digital, Inc. do?

It is our goal to help small businesses advertise using new technologies, within small geographic areas.


What are Wali PODs?

POD stands for Point-Of-Display. Each Wali POD is an internet connected device with a digital screen capable of displaying 1080p advertisements.


What are POD groups?

Groupings of PODs with the idea of displaying the same content across all PODs within a group. Each POD group consist of businesses that do not directly compete for business.


What is a POD Group Member?

A business that has an installed POD.


How do I advertise?

Visit the Contact Us page and find the local office for your area.


How do I get a POD?

If you own or manage a business and would like to become a member of a POD network, visit the Contact Us page for the office nearest you


As a POD Group Member, how does it work?

Each POD member shares 50% of advertising time on every POD within the POD Group. Additional advertising time may be purchased at a discounted fee.


I am not a POD member, can I still advertise?

It is still possible to advertise on the PODs based on availability, non-compete, and additional out of POD group fees.


Do I need to be a POD member to have a POD?

No. You may have a POD installed without being a POD member if your business can support enough in-business advertising.


How much is the equipment?

There is no equipment to buy. Wali Digital, Inc will install and maintain all equipment.


Why is there no audio in the advertisements?

Audio in most businesses would be too distracting or unwanted, therefore we have elected to keep advertisements audio free.


Can an advertiser create their own advertisements?

Yes. Content must be in-line with Wali Digital, Inc.'s currently displayed advertisements and will be screened to make sure that content is appropriate.


What advertisement formats are supported?

Almost all video and picture formats are accepted. The system will automatically convert and optimize files for Wali Digital, Inc.'s system.