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The New Age In Digital Advertising

Wali Digital helps today's businesses get noticed in the new age of digital media advertising. Advertise smarter, with cost-effective, targeted, dynamic advertising to local people. Advertise where you want in eye-catching, high definition (HD) with Wali Digital's  Point-Of-Displays. (POD)

BrookSide Market and Deli - Bakersfield, CA

A Digital Billboard, Indoors

Wali Digital has brought the billboard off the highway, converted it to HD, and put it indoors in high traffic, high wait areas.

Reach Thousands Of Customers Each Day

With Point-Of-Displays in locations people often visit daily, businesses can build or continue building a brand on digital Point-Of-Displays that are seen by thousands and thousands of people a day.

40% Increase In Business After Installing Point-Of-Displays On Average *

Increase customer awareness of products,  services, promotions, up-coming events, loyalty programs, and more, while stepping up the presence of your business. 

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* "Digital signage has been rapidly expanding its reach in nearly every market and area, especially indoors. Now, both large and small retailers are using digital signage in greater numbers to advertise, boost branding improve customer experience, according to the Digital Signage Future Trends Report. It found that two-thirds of retailers surveyed said that improved branding was the greatest benefit of digital signage, followed by improved customer service by 40 percent."

-Digital Signage Today


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