Advertising Using
Wali Digital

  1. Digital Dynamic Content - Advertise in up to 4K definition, providing a clearity, print media cannot deliver. Better customer ingaguement than radio, and billboards.
  2. Eye Catching - Just try not to watch a Point-Of-Display. Dynamic, moving content, commands your customers attention is drawn to it. Displaying advertisements in high dynamic contrast, no other advertising medium can provide.
  3. Easily Updatable - An easy to use advertising portal, allows advertisements to be uploaded to our system, and then scheduled for immediate or future display.  
  4. Effective - Advertise where your customers are. With the ability to select Point-Of-Displays your advertisements show on, you can target the customers you want. Currently available advertising locations.
  5. Getting Started - Contact us today to get started and see the difference Wali Digital's Point-Of-Displys can make for you.

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