A POD, standing for Point-Of-Display, is simply an advertising screen with a central processing unit. Wali PODs are capable of displaying High Definition (HD) quality video and picture advertisements in up to stunning 4K format. Designed for simplicity, they have no moving parts, are completely quite, self updating, and designed to run day in and day out, 24 hours day. Wali Digital monitors each POD to help guarantee everything is working correctly.
PODs are installed mainly in, high traffic indoor areas, such as convenience stores, hotel lobbies, airport terminals, pizza parlors, lounges, and grocery stores.  

Businesses with an installed POD receive free advertising slots for their own in-store advertisements, promotions, loyalty programs, daily specials, announcements and more.

Advertising slots are available in 10 and 30 second ad slots. Each slot displays a minimum of six times per hour.

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