How We Got Started
Wali Digital, Inc.

Wali Digital was formed by a father and sons team.

Greg Slaughter - Former printing business owner and Graphic Artist.

Colin Slaughter - Computer and network technician, programmer, and business owner

Bryson Slaughter  - Back ground in computers, computer network training, and in start up advertising sales.

We started Wali Digital to fill a void in the advertising market for local growing small and medium size businesses. 

With the cost for print, radio, television, and on line advertising continuing to climb in price but viewership declining sharply for print, radio, television, and on line advertising. It becomes almost imposable and not cost effective for growing business to compete with what seems like endless pockets, large corporations have for advertising budgets. 

So with print dying to the web, radio dying to paid ad free music subscriptions, television dying to ad free programming subscriptions like Netflix's and online advertising with Facebook and many others dying to ad blockers and the cost steeply on the rise and the effectiveness of these platforms dying a slow death. We were left to ask ourselves does your local small to medium business go to advertise and brand them self's? 

You come to Wali Digital. Why, you may ask; we have brought the billboard off the Hwy and put it in doors in high traffic and high wait areas. What does this mean for you, people now have time to view your ads and not have the fear of crashing into to person in front of them. 

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2280 Sunset Drive
Suite F
Los Osos, CA 93402



Bakersfield/Kern County

San Luis Obispo County